Peer Feedback


Planning peer feedback:

I posted a few photographs for peer feedback and a lengthy discussion ensued about rural idylls and the discussion was in a closed forum. The other issue is that the forum is a level 1 forum, so the topic of psychogeography was unfamiliar to many.To summarise other comments:

  • Overly processed.
  • Depressing and needed a lift.
  • Some found the approach very interesting and thought it was worth pursuing.


Finalised Peer Feedback:

Steve Middlehurst: Great series Claire. Very much like the colour palette. Could develop into something even more interesting if you take it further. It reminded me of Mark Power’s 26 Different Endings and his various Postcards series. I’m not quite sure why, maybe the subtle colours or the subject selection.

Blah González: I love it. As always your research is amazing and very well documented. I love the postcard texts you included for each pictures. You have produced a very well articulate narrative with the pictures. A great work!!!

Anon. Evocative and Interesting set of images. One point I noticed and it may be deliberate, that images 3 and 4 seem to be transposed compared to the missives. I love the sense of abandonment these images convey. The car workshop suggests a radical move away from the areas original purpose but also a hint of just hanging in there if you get my drift.

Catherine Banks: The postcard idea works well in providing additional information but the images work on their own as well. A lot of history there and it’s sad to see it all crumbling away. Was thinking it might work well with overlays of previous times if any old photographs are available.

Anon: I really loved reading this, like Kathy says, the way it’s laid out like a postcard and the diary form of it really paints a picture.

Anon: Oh i love everything about this. The post card text is superb. You have such a way with words. Love it!!

Rachel: I really like the postcard concept…. Certainly no creativity lacking there. I could see these presented as actual postcards at assessment with the back handwritten with your text. Perhaps even stamped, posted and in a tea caddy as grandma would have kept them, but the image ratios aren’t quite right? Overlays sound good too, as Catherine says.

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