A6 Proposal

I have had quite a bit of trouble being inspired with this assignment. I think that it might just be the case that trying to think about the final assignment when I am only just getting into a new course has been daunting. There were so many potential options and making a decision had to be based on practicality.

I have visited half a dozen locations and taken test images but some of these options have been located at the village outskirts. The are becomes hazardous through the course of a year through flooding, ice and high wind. Also, I am supposed to have somebody with me when I am shooting but the DSA are insisting that support workers pay a £100 registration and undertake a considerable amount of paperwork – so this is problematic right now. This makes it difficult to marry up what I want to do with the practicalities of doing it. There isn’t a mobile phone signal in the area either.

Practicalities aside, I wanted to feel some fire in my belly and try something more unusual. Susan Derges work has been on my mind as an alternative approach to the theme of transitions and landscape photography.

I have started undertaking a study of the bird bath in my garden. A micro landscape evolving from what the wind and the birds bring in. My tutor likes the aesthetic and I am inclined to run with this. It ticks the practical needs and the abstract aesthetic that I wanted to experiment with.

Option 1. ‘What the wind brings in’ – bird bath.


Rain fall.


clear water



cloudy water


frozen water.



Dusty water – feather arrives.




Option 2.

The second option is this allotment. It’s okay….. My tutor thinks that I will be surprised with what might emerge from this project albeit that I am not ‘feeling’ the body of work so far. One problem is that the terrain that I am standing on is changing all the time and therefore it is night on impossible to replicate a precise composition. My tutor suggested that I didn’t try to and that it was okay to move around the plot.

This suggestion triggered the realisation in my problem. Being static goes against my instinct as a photographer to move around and be drawn in to points of interest. I will visit the plot again and move around to see what can come from a slightly different approach.

April frost/ ice.




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