The London Perambulator


The protagonist of this film/ documentary is an interesting character called Nick who is associated with Will Self who bounces ideas from him.

He must be the ultimate psychogeographer or ‘deep topographer’ that there is known to man.

As a trained ecologist and armed with his notebook Nick researches, walks, records, ponders anything and everything in the suburban and edge lands of Middlesex. He is a walking museum and the most unassuming convicted arsonist that I have ever met.

Poetry/ writing of observation is very much part of his ‘practise’ of flaneur. He has an incredible archive if things that he had found such as personal letters, books.

Will Self has known him since the mid 1980’s and his personality has a warming but quirkiness that would be dismissed and some kind of ‘weird train spotter type’, mystic / alchemist type ( as described by Russell Brand).

Iain Sinclair met him via Will Self and offered his services as a topographic researcher for his ‘Book of Dave’. His research is extensive via physical examination and reading.

Nick sees magic in everything. “Does the sewage works know that we are here?”

Iain also states that Nick is a deeply knowledgeable eccentric who could drop you straight into the experience of an environment. Much is inaccessible dense text (and if Brand says that, it must be hard work).

Many interesting observations are made by Nick about the environment and this is worth watching again.


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